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About MULTI wine

MULTI wine more than 50 years of experience

With more than a total of 50 years in the business, MULTI  wine have come forward. This means that we from day one have offered our clients a broad and deep selection of quality wines from around the world, and in all price levels.

As an importer based on the Danish market, MULTI wine sell their products to a wide range of well known retail chains and hotels, as well as independent grocers and wine merchants. Our wines are not only sold in Denmark. We are already well underway in particularly Germany, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. We are already among the major suppliers.

Our philosophy is to optimize costs, so we at all times are able to offer quality wines - just a little cheaper. This means that the consumers will find that they have made a bargain, despite of the fact that we do not sell to them directly.

We want to grow even bigger - while we serve our customers interests. Therefore, all positions are employed by specialists, and we only wish to expand at such a rate that we always have our fingers on the pulse, when it comes to new wines and new developments in the market.

It's our mission to challenge the conventional way of thinking, to be innovative with our clients and partners, while remaining focused in our daily tasks.

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